Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Battery life

Some good news on GP2X battery life, something that's caused a bit of grief over the years. Some people have reported that it runs out almost at once with alkalines, but the other day I stuck in a pair of Energizers and they kept going strong all through a 40-minute bus journey. Okay, so I was playing games rather than watching videos, but even so it was slightly better than I'd expected.

Maybe I should try a selection of battery brands, but in all honesty I don't think I can be bothered. Rechargeables are still the best bet, except that they run out so suddenly. The red battery light comes on, and you then have at best 10 seconds before everything stops. (The F200 doesn't even have a battery light, probably because it is so useless here!)


  1. I've found that problem (with rechargable batteries) to be true on the digital camera too. There is hardly any warning at all, once that red battery symbol appears on the screen, before it simply shuts off. Yet there is a lot more warning if I'm using a standard set of Duracell batteries. Strange...

  2. Mmm, though it has to be said that Canon's battery warnings are not the best in the industry in terms of how much time they give you!