Thursday, 16 June 2011

Well, I suppose someone must be watching, then!

I noticed today that this blog has reached 500 pageviews, not including my own. A tiny number compared with many blogs, obviously, but I'm actually fairly pleased: given the size of the GP2X community these days, I wondered at first whether anybody was going to look in! I certainly intend to keep going, not least because I have several hundred original games I still haven't reviewed!

(The occasional comment would be nice, though. Anyone?)


  1. Well thats not bad at all. Its always nice to know that there's definitely an audience for things like this. Several hundred other games though...! Who'd have ever thought there were so many made for a little console that I'd never even heard of! But I do think thats great though.

    Yeah, I had noticed I'm the only one who adds a comment here and there, and I'm not sure why nobody else is doing so. Hopefully someone will do so soon though.

  2. Yep -- about 500-600, depending on whether you count things like that Heretic port. (Of course, if you counted emulated games there'd be zillions!)

    *Nods* I'm very glad of your comments, naturally -- they're always interesting. On the plus side... I've acquired a follower! No idea who it is, but I'm not complaining. On the off-chance they're reading this: hello!

  3. Heya - that'd be me. Saw your post on the GP32x boards and this blog looked both interesting and lonely, so I thought I'd sign up to follow.

    I'm a bit late to reply to your hello (didn't realise I hadn't bookmarked this place - d'oh!), but "Hello!" back.

    Keep up the good work. :o)

  4. Thanks very much! I enjoy writing this for its own sake, so I shan't be giving it up any time soon. The reviews are quite handy for my own reference, in any case.