Monday, 20 June 2011

C++ for Logans

Hmm. I had a look in my local library to see if they had any C++ books, and they did. One. C++ for Dummies, which doesn't get the greatest reviews on Amazon. On the plus side, most people seem to like chapter 1, and at least some of the complaints are from people who were confused by the unexplained use of conventions such as "int" for integers. That sort of thing won't worry me, at least. I suspect I'll stick with SdlBasic for any remotely serious GP2X programming, but a little C++ might even be fun. It can't be worse than the little C I tried about 20 years ago, anyway... can it?


  1. I wonder if they'll ever make a version of C for Chavs. If so it'll be called C*** and will feature Innit instead of Int, and Goto Spliff commands.

    But yes, I don't see that it can do any harm to investigate C++. You never know, you might discover a knack for it! :)

  2. It'd be a very well hidden knack, then!