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GP2X OHH program list 3a - Applications: Misc Apps (part 1 of 3)

It's taking rather a long time to get through the huge (100+ programs!) Misc Apps section, so I'm splitting it into three parts. I expect I'll merge them all into one big post when I've finished. NB: I've left out the pre-rendered graphics viewer 3DNP GP2X, as the download link from OHH seems to be broken.

OHH GP2X archive - Applications: Misc Apps

Click the link above to go to the contents page for this section on, which gives rather more details for each file, and a screenshot for many. This list is intended more as a quick reference, for those who just want to scan what's available. Note that I haven't generally commented on a program's quality or completeness.

2XWord: crossword solver utility
Autorun Icon for Windows F200 Style: put on root of SD card to create icon when plugged into Windows
Autorun ini and icon for Windows: as above, but for the F100
Autorun.ini and Icon for Windows PCs: as above again, but slightly different design
Battery Test: benchmarking utility
Box2d Physics Library tech-demo 0.0001: SDL port of the 2D physics engine
BusyBox 1.8.2 ( set of command-line tools
Cafix: connect a Casio fx-9850 calculator
Calculator: simple scientific calculator
CBook - EBook Reader: text reader

Clock2x: on-screen analogue/digital clock, with alarm
colourd - LCD colour correction daemon: adjust screen colours
Counter: very simple tally-keeping program
CPU/LCD-Tweaker: adjust CPU clock, RAM and memory timing
Croquet Deadness Board: tool for (American?) croquet players
dhcp client daemon: for the DHCP network management protocol
Dicey: dice-rolling app; supports many-sided dice and Fudge
DOSBox: Interactive Messageboard: requires DOSBox; shows text messages
Edge Pad: joystick-controlled notepad
Enexfi: file manager and explorer

Enlightenment for Embedded: proof-of-concept (unfinished) E17 implementation
eReader: another e-reader
F-200 wireless with WPA connect script: use the DWL-G122 adapter; requires cradle
fbGrab: grabs framebuffer and dumps it to .png file
Fcalc: touchscreen calculator, for F200 only
Fcalc 0.2: updated version of above
fetchmail: command-line POP3/IMAP mail grabber
* fGrabber - Ein fGrab Frontent: frontend for fbGrab
FlashPlay: simple Flash player
Flashplayer2x: another Flash player; fork of Pocketflash

FX00 Batery Meter: check battery levels
G(P)=2X: function plotter
GirEllO Reboot: software-reboot your GP2X
gmenu2x - MAME und NeoGeo Alias Files: gmenu2x alias files for, er, MAME and NeoGeo
GNU Netcat for gp2x: networking utility
GP2X Energy Saver 1.0: minimises power consumption when GP2X not being used
GP2X GPE: port of the GPE Palmtop Environment
GP2X Package Manager: install files as .deb packages
GP2X Samba Client: a Samba client. For the GP2X
GP2X Sierpinski Carpet: draws a Sierpinski Carpet pattern

GP2X Sleep: power-saving utility
gp2x Stereo Fix: fixes the "mono sound" problem with early firmware
gp2x stereo patch autostart: autostart file for the above
GP2X Text File Viewer - gp2x VTex v0.2: text viewer with wordwrap
gp2x USB Host Driver: attach a powered USB hub to the Ext port
GP2X USB Serial: redirect serial output to USB cable
GP2X-Write: text editor with Danzeff-style on-screen keyboard
GP2X11: port of the KDrive Tiny X Server.

* Note the slightly incorrect spelling of fbGrab

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