Wednesday, 22 February 2012

GP2X OHH program list 2 - Applications: Launchers

On to part two of the list. This installment isn't the most exciting, admittedly, especially as a large number of these programs (including GMenu2x!) fail to run properly, or at all, on my F100 with 4.1.0 firmware. Still, they may be useful to some. Next time around will be considerably more interesting, I promise!

OHH GP2X archive - Applications - Launchers

Click the link above to go to the contents page for this section on, which gives rather more details for each file, and a screenshot for many. This list is intended more as a quick reference, for those who just want to scan what's available. Note that I haven't generally commented on a program's quality or completeness.

Filer2x: simple file manager/launcher
GMenu2x: full-featured alternative frontend with direct program link creation
* Gmenu2xLinks: auto-generate links for GMenu2x sections
GP2XMB: frontend designed to look like Sony's Cross Media Bar for PSP etc
Mocca: alternative graphical shell
QuickStart: autoruns a specified program on startup if a button is held down
Selector: frontend for handling multiple command-line parameters for apps
Stilish Menu: animated menu featuring all programs on an SD card
Sycophant (formerly GP2Xcc): comprehensive graphical app launcher
Unify: simple file manager

WanX: alternative graphical frontend
zLauncher 0.4.1: skinnable launcher; supports CPU speed setting

* OHH download file is misnamed as .rar; it's actually .zip -- rename before extracting

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