Sunday, 19 February 2012

GP2X OHH program list 1 - Applications: Audio and Video

Yes, I've found something to do with this blog! All right, it's not very thrilling, but it is at least relevant to the GP2X.

OHH GP2X archive - Applications: Audio and Video

Click the link above to go to the contents page for this section on, which gives rather more details for each file, and a screenshot for many. This list is intended more as a quick reference, for those who just want to scan what's available. Note that I haven't generally commented on a program's quality or completeness.

AYLet.gp2x: plays ZX Spectrum .ay files
BSPlay: port of Soundmon Player for the Amiga
CAM2X: webcam/camera program, with drivers
conv_subs: script to convert subtitles from CP1250 to UTF-8
CraigAmp: music player supporting playlists, shuffle, album artwork etc
DicViewer: text file viewer with integrated MP3 support
Drumbox: 10-channel drum machine
ExDrum Machine: simple synth drum
FFPlay: experimental RM/WMV video player
FLite: speech synth for text files

GMU music player: music player with playlist and lyrics support
GP2X Tracker: basic drum tracker
GP2X TV-Out Fixer 0.3b2: enable TV-Out in many programs without official support for it
GP2XInitSound: modify the GP2X's startup sound
gp2xPd - Puredata: jam with Pure Data patches using the joystick
gp808x drumkit for Drumbox 0.1a: Roland TR-808 drumkit for Drumbox
libmedia + some codecs: adds MP2X codecs to libmedia; needs firmware 4.1.x
* Linball: unfinished pinball game
LittleGPTracker: sample-based tracker; interface based on littlesounddj for the Game Boy
madplaygp2x: command-line MP3 player

metro2x: simple metronome; requires pygame
Milkytracker: music creation tool based on Fast Tracker 2 for DOS
mov2gp: Perl script to resize movie files
MP2X: mplayer-based movie player, adding AAC/AC3 support and zoom for widescreen movies
MP2X modifications for Open2X: extra files for compiling on the Open2X firmware toolchain
MP2X skin : tech skin: alternative skin for MP2X movie player
MPlayer (Port from the PC Version): movie player with MPEG support
OldPlay: player for 150+ old music formats inc S3M, NSF, VGM etc, plus MID/MP3/FLAC
One More Music Player Client (ommpc2x): client for Music Player Daemon (included)
PBSynth: virtual analogue synthesiser

Pikix - VJ Software: basic VJing software
Sidplay2x: plays Commodore 64 music files
Soundbox: assign sound effects to the GP2X's buttons
ST-Sound GP2X: YM/SC68/SNDH music player for Atari ST files
stepSeq2x: 16-step sample sequencer
wmvplayer for GP2X(sample version): very basic WMA/WMV player

* Yes, Linball is included in this section on OHH. Don't ask me why!

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