Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Second-hand prices falling?

I've generally felt that £50 is a fair price for a used GP2X in good condition and with the odd accessory such as headphones or a big SD card. However, I've noticed recently that £40 is now often enough to snag an F100 (the F200 is still rarer and more expensive). It's true that the prices of most electronics have fallen on eBay over the last few months, but it'll be interesting to see whether GP2X prices recover or whether they're stuck at this new lower level.


  1. Then I think perhaps its time I started to save a little bit of money towards one, if they're starting to nudge down to around £40. At least then when a decent one surfaced, I'd be in with a chance of snaffling it!

  2. I think the last one I watched on eBay went for about £44, but that was quite a while ago now. That one included an SD card full of games, but that's just a matter of convenience, since if you're prepared to do the downloading and setup yourself you can set up your own cards.