Monday, 16 April 2012

GP2X OHH program list 3c - Applications: Misc Apps (part 3 of 3)

This has taken... um... a while, hasn't it? Still, I really have done it now! Here is the last part of the "Misc Apps" program list. I was originally intending to go on to another category after this, but we'll have to see how it goes. I have a game review to write yet, for one thing!

OHH GP2X archive - Applications: Misc Apps

Click the link above to go to the contents page for this section on, which gives rather more details for each file, and a screenshot for many. This list is intended more as a quick reference, for those who just want to scan what's available. Note that I haven't generally commented on a program's quality or completeness.

sbagen: create binaural beats
sdlmore-0.2.tar.gz: draws command-line output with SDL
SigGen try1: signal generator
Skin installer: copy skins from SD to the GP2X
Skin2x: manage your skins
Sleep: add sleep/hibernate facility to the console
SnowCatch - Screensaver - GP2X: screensaver/demo
Speaker Toggle: turn speaker on and off
Speaker Toggle (new firmwares): as above, for "new"(!) fw 1.4+
STerm 0.6.1 : terminal emulator

termula2x 0.2.1: another terminal emulator
Textreader: just what it says
timer: simple on-screen timer
Timer Skins: skins for the above
TinySDGL for gp2x: graphics library; includes gears
TioTest: SD I/O benchmark
Tv on: enable TV-out mode; can be autorun
txtcon: convert newline codes; fixes Gutenberg files
USB Host networking for GP2X: connect a CDC Ethernet device (needs cradle etc)
Viewer4DM (Viewer for Dictionary & Mp3): text viewer with music support

VNC Server for GP2X (F200 TS emulation): networking tool
VNCServer 2x: as above without F200/touchscreen support
Wget: content retrieval tool
Wireless USB toolkit: connect to open networks with an RT2570 dongle
xReader: Spanish-language text reader
Xreader 2beta: mutilingual version of the above
Xynth: very early GUI
Z-nCarder: text-viewer, primarily for Russian
zgv2x: image viewer

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